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Specialized pressure transmitter BP156
Capacitive differential transmitter BP350
Silicon oil-filled piezoresistive transmitter BP93420D-II1
gauge/absolute pressure digital pressure gauge BPZ2005
Smart digital transferring controller BPK-ZK03
Isolated membrane oil-filled pressure transmitter BP93420-III
Isolated membrane oil-filled pressure transmitter BP93420-IQT
Isolated membrane oil-filled pressure transmitter BP93420-IB
Silicon oil-filled pressure sensor HT24I
Silicon oil-filled pressure sensor HT19I

         Shenzhen Xinhengtong Electrionics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, level transmitters, differential pressure transmitters in China. Our annual production capability: 500,000pcs for sensors ; 100,000pcs for transmitters. Approved Certificates: ISO9001, CE, Exia II CT6... Applications: various liquids(water, oil, gases, air...) pressure or level in pipes, tanks, wells or reservior applications. we are a High & New Technology Enterprise with a long history in producing transducers. Activities such as scientific research, supply, engineering design, installing and debugging and the relative service are integrated into one enterprise.
         We are specialized in pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure, hydraulic, temperature transducers and transmitters and the relative smart display instruments. Our transducers are wildly used in automatic measuring and controlling system in fields of chemical, metallurgy, electricity, aero-industry, coal and petroleum exploitation, irrigation and hydrology, communication and water supply, steam supply, warm supply of town.
        Our HT series oil-filled sensors with membrane are produced by advanced technology, with features of high precision, good long stability and long life.
        Nowadays, with the development of computer, the transducers are absolutely required especially on signal collection and processing. It's a good opportunity for more friends and us to develop and cooperate together. We are willing to have a close cooperation with friends abroad and inside. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. The address is Room 705 Min Ning Yuan Office Building of North Caitian Road No.6009, Futian District,
Shenzhen, China.

Min Ning Yuan Office Building of North Caitian Road No.6009 ,Futian District,


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